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Personal Styling by Moana Robinson

B Styled for Life is based in Brisbane and Moana Robinson is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Personal Stylist. Every aspect of Image and Personal Styling is considered from Colour Analysis, body shape analysis, style personality assessment and all areas of personal and business branding. Colour and style play such an important part in our everyday lives. Standing out and shining with your own style and personality has never been more important than it is today. Consultations can be carried out in the Hillcrest Studio, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast.

Moana has been assisting many people with her Brisbane business Beauty Glow which specialises in Skincare Make-up and Personal Styling.  There is a demand these days for professional woman and men to find out what their best or “true” colour palette is for personal and branding purposes.  It is a smart move to consult a personal stylist for a colour analysis before selecting website, business card and business logo and stationery colours.  For many small businesses today the owner’s personality does shine through as part of their business and a personal stylist can assist with this.

Something Moana loves is shopping!  If you would like a stress-free efficient shopping trip where your best interests are at heart then Moana is happy to assist as one of her favourite parts of the business is helping people shop.    Auditing wardrobes and giving non-biased opinions about what suits a client’s lifestyle, colouring, body shape and style personality is something that can be achieved very quickly.   Clients quite often get emotionally attached to clothing making wardrobe auditing challenging.  They find it helpful to receive  personal styling with caring, friendly and impartial advice.

The best way to find out which personal styling service is right for you is to contact Moana for an obligation free discovery chat.  If you are ready to find out more please select a time that suits you below and Moana will contact you with details and confirmation.

What our clients say…

“I’ve always thought I was good at selecting clothes and colours that suited me … I knew what I liked and stuck to that. Until I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with Moana Robinson. She took me on a journey of discovery – I learnt about makeup, applying it to suit my features and then learnt what colours suited me. I took a home a colour palate that I use every time I go shopping. The things Moana taught me, helped me clear my wardrobe of clothes I had not worn for ages because they did not ‘look right’. I now know why. Thanks to Moana, I get more compliments on how beautiful I look (making me feel really awesome – lifting my spirits and confidence) because I understand what colours suit me. Moana is elegance personified, a lady who oozes kindness, empathy and compassion.”
Annette, PR Consultant Brisbane

“I have always been so self-conscious about having my photo taken but after seeing Moana and attending the session, colour swatch and personalised booklet in my bag and makeup done, I went home and created a video which went straight onto the internet. This is something I would never have done before.”
Debbie, Brisbane

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